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Free talk in the comfort of your own home

Jan. 4 @ 11am, 3pm or 7pm PST

Dr. Nick Hyde wants to invite you to a free webinar on January 4 discussing how the foods we eat RADICALLY affect our overall health! Foods that MOST people would consider healthy (apples, garlic, spinach etc.) may NOT be healthy for some people!

Dr. Nick Hyde will discuss how 1 simple (3-minute) food test is helping people get healthy and conquer their health challenges once and for all!

- Weight Loss
- Digestive Issues (IBS, Leaky Gut etc.)
- Low Thyroid
- Chronic Fatigue
- Migraines
- Autoimmune Conditions (Lupus, MS, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc.)
- Skin Problems (eczema, acne, psoriasis etc.)
- And Much More...

Dr. Hyde will also discuss tips, tools and strategies to decrease overall, total body inflammation. The current research is showing that up to 83% of health conditions are FOOD RELATED! A lot of these link back to chronic inflammation from wrong food choices.

No Cost - No Obligation - Feel Free To Invite A Friend

83% of health conditions are food related

60% of the population has undetected food sensitivities 

Even healthy foods could be the wrong foods for you

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What Does Food Sensitivity Testing Help?

Joint pain, Back pain, Lack of energy

weight loss 


Discover how a local Santa Cruz doctor is helping patients get their health and vitality back again using breakthrough technology getting to the root cause of health challenges!

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