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There are three very common approaches to dealing with our health issues. 

FIRST is to give full attention to symptoms and leave the root cause untouched. "I have migraines, so I'll take NSAIDS to get by."

SECOND is to try to avoid the issue and compromise your life to make room for it. "Brain fog must mean I'm just getting older. I'll have to set more reminders on my phone."

THIRD is to become empowered by the knowledge that your health concern has a root cause and that root cause can be identified and addressed. At Inside Out Health, we treat symptoms as they are- messengers- that communicate to us that something's not quite right. We address your health concern at the root so that you don't have to make room for unnecessary, limiting factors that can make the best parts of life lose their place as your priority. 

Explore below to find out HOW we help some common issues we see in office. Take a look at our What We Do page to get a feel for our Whole Body Health programs designed to offer gentle, thorough treatments geared toward offering lasting relief by addressing any imbalance or dysfunction not only in the body but also the brain.


Neurological Support

Each person is born with a limited amount of neurons (brain and nervous system cells). So from at a very young age your neurons began to die off forever, never to regrow. This is called neurodegeneration. The good news is that your neurons that are still alive can always create new connections to fill in the gaps and take over the rolls of the dying neurons. This is called neuroplasticity.


As long as neuroplasticity is happening at an equal rate as neurodegeneration then a person will not have brain related symptoms. The problem is that life gets in the way. Whether you are experiencing symptoms as a result of a head injury, old age, or even chronic stress, Inside Out Health can help. In order to heal, new neuron connections need to be made and there is no diet, supplement, or pill that can make new connections in the brain.


They can only be made with targeted brain based exercises. This is why we often refer to ourselves as brain trainers. To find out more about what this specialty is like check out our brain trainer's blog or our Functional Neurology explanation on our What We Do page.

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beat migraines for good free eBook Inside Out Health Dr. Nick Hyde
Childhood Neurodev Support


At the center of neurodevelopmental disorders, like ADD, ADHD, Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, and Dyslexia is immune system and nervous system dysfunction. In order to decrease the whole body symptoms and make breakthroughs leading to lasting changes for these children, we must address the cause at the source and this only happens with immune system and neurological support.


Inside Out Health is the only health center in Santa Cruz that specializes in the causes of neurodevelopmental disorders. Come see how our whole body programs can help your children get the breakthroughs that you have been hoping for.

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Childhood Developmental Disorders free eBook Inside Out Health Dr. Nick Hyde
Childhood Behavioral Support


Research has shown that many behavioral issues like ODD, OCD, and Tourette's are physiology problems, not personality problems. That means that there can be underlying issues in the function of a child's body that make them act out and it has nothing to do with their personality.


This is powerful because body function can always be improved. Children who struggle with behavioral disorders do not have to suffer the rest of their lives with these issues, and neither do you. At Inside Out Health, our programs are designed to support healthy physiology so that your child's real personality can shine.

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Childhood Developmental Disorders free eBook Inside Out Health Dr. Nick Hyde
Metabolic Support


Chronic illness can be very complicated. Because of the added chemical and environmental problems in our modern world, most chronic illness has a metabolic component. This refers to the biochemistry in our bodies as a result of our hormones, what we are eating and putting into our bodies, and the other external environmental factors that can contribute to our health; like the air we breath, the mold in our bathrooms, and the toxic emotional environments of our family or work lives.


At Inside Out Health we take everything into account to make sure you heal at the root cause of your symptoms and we generally find that there can be more than one root cause. Our metabolic support involves nutrition, supplementation, and advanced specific blood tests to identify root causes.


We help a wide range of people from kids and moms, to CEO's looking for peak performance, to other doctors who are working to resolve the last bit of chronic illness they can't seem to clear up. Wherever you are at in your health journey our programs are designed to help you reach your next goal of better health.

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